This website gives authorized users (account required) and producers access to the contact-allergy application via internet.
No installation is required and the user does not have to download any software. The interested party must therefore register directly on the website via Registration. After receiving the online registration, an invoice for membership will be created, which, after payment, will be activated for 1 year. Login and password will then give access to the website.

The database is continuously supplemented and updated. Through the website you have access to applications on cosmetic and topical pharmaceutical products, and information leaflets related to the allergens involved. The user can obtain information regarding the composition of topical pharmaceutical products and dermopharmaceutical products (cosmetics) (available in pharmacies), and their ingredients, provide advice to patients allergic to one or more ingredients contained herein, and, via various selection criteria, generate lists of permitted cosmetic products not containing the allergen(s) identified, and/or topical pharmaceutical products to be avoided.

The menu includes in short:

  • Producers and their brand names: manufacturers of cosmetic and topical pharmaceutical products.
  • Products divided according to their type: cosmetic or pharmaceutical.
  • Product categories/parameters: the most important item being the nature of the product.
  • Raw materials and Raw Material Groups: ingredients of the proposed products, active and auxiliary substances.
  • Composition of the products: topical pharmaceutical products (commercial products and the most common preparations by the pharmacist), or cosmetic products.
  • Patient letter: proposal to use cosmetic products, or avoid topical pharmaceutical products, respectively, relevant to the allergens involved.
  • Product lists: topical pharmaceutical products (commercial products and the most common preparations) to be avoided by the allergic patient, and/or cosmetic products (available in pharmacies) that the allergic patient may use.
  • Therapeutic advice: authorized topical pharmaceutical products, taking into account the allergens identified, the galenic form, as well as the pharmacological group (pharmacological activity) to which they belong.
  • Documents: information about the allergens identified, information on products from manufacturers, alternative products, etc. For example, information leaflets are provided for the allergens present in the most important test series (including standard, pharmaceutical and cosmetic series), as well as some other possible allergens.

The program provides a database of raw materials with information about all ingredients of topical pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, as well as the allergens tested in our contact allergy unit.
For the ingredients that are present in cosmetic and also topical pharmaceutical products (except for the pharmacologically active ingredient), the INCI name (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) was chosen, whereby the same name is always used for the same ingredient (which is not necessarily the case for the ingredients of pharmaceutical products in which synonyms may be used for auxiliary substances).

All the raw materials present in cosmetics and topical pharmaceutical products (except for the active principles) can be found on the website: whereby the nature and function, as well as other data such as maximum permitted concentrations for certain cosmetic ingredients, and respective annexes (preservative agents, sunscreens, etc.) can be looked up.

Project group

Contact allergy unit: Dr. S. Huygens, Apr. L. Gilissen
Development: Prof. Em. A. Goossens, J. Drieghe
Follow-up product information, registration, and administration: Lieve Janssens


Dermatologie ― Contactallergie
U.Z. ― K.U. Leuven
Herestraat 49, B-3000 Leuven